Electric van sales to reach almost 9,000 in 2020

With the scepticism of electric vehicles weakening, thousands of LCV operators are expected to make the switch from diesel to electric vans this year. Data from DriveElectric, the UK’s leading EV leasing company, suggest 8,750 electric vans will be registered this year – an increase of 173.0%.

While this may seem unachievable, the increase between 2018 and 2019 was even more staggering. Electric van registrations rose from 985 in 2018 to 3,204 in 2019 – an uplift of 225%.

Electric van registrations
Electric van registrations

This year witnesses the introduction of even more electric vans and a number of UK cities rolling out the first Clean Air Zones, which will no doubt lead more van buyers to make the jump. In addition, confidence is growing in the technology and certain vehicles, like the upcoming LDV E Deliver 3, are now achieving ranges of 200 miles.

“DriveElectric estimate 8,750 electric vans [will be registered] this year; with the main contenders being Renault, Nissan VW and PSA Group”, explained Paul Clarke, a spokesperson for the company.

Given that overall registrations for LCVs are expected to rise to 380,000 in 2020, electric vans will make up over 2% of sales – compared with 0.27% in 2018 and 0.88% in 2019.