Iveco Daily Dimensions: Load Area & Exterior

The Iveco Daily has been around in European light commercial vehicle market since 1978 and has built up an excellent reputation as a “solid” van mainly due to its chassis based design. In this article we are going to look at the Iveco Daily dimensions that matter for the UK’s largest volume factory production van…………………

Iveco Daily Load Volume
Iveco Daily Load Volume
Iveco Daily Load Lengths
Iveco Daily Load Lengths
Iveco Daily Door Sizes
Iveco Daily Door Sizes
Iveco Daily Load Volume
Iveco Daily Load Volume
Iveco Daily Roof Heights
Iveco Daily Roof Heights

Iveco Daily Load Lengths

One of the key Iveco Daily Dimensions start with the three wheelbases from 3000mm, 3520mm to 4100mm and these allow the Daily to accommodate five load lengths with one in excess of an astonishing 5 metres. This means you can actually fit two sets of 8×4 sheets lengths, all the load lengths below:

  • 2610mm
  • 3130mm
  • 3540mm
  • 4680mm
  • 5125mm

Iveco Daily Load Heights

The Iveco Daily has three load height in the cargo area, which reflect the number of roof heights, starting at 1545mm for the low roof, 1900mm for the medium and finally, 2100mm for the highest roof.

Iveco Daily Door Sizes

The side load door (SLD) has two widths, 1100mm on the 3m short wheelbase and 1200mm on the remaining two longer wheelbases. There are also two side load door heights 1450mm for the low roof and then 1800mm for the other two roof heights.

The rear doors are the widest in the market at 1530mm and there are three door heights starting with the lowest at 1450mm, a medium at 1800mm and the highest at 2000mm.

Dimension Overview

There are three wheelbases, three roof heights and five load lengths these results in a comprehensive choice of nine load volumes outlined below:

  • 7.3m3
  • 9m3
  • 10.8m3
  • 12m3
  • 13.4m3
  • 16m3
  • 17.5m3
  • 18m3
  • 19.6m3

The Daily has an internal width of 1800mm and at 1320mm, it can allow both metric and euro pallets to loaded sideways between the wheel arches .

Overall Dimensions

The Iveco Daily has five overall lengths ranging from 5038mm to a very long 7498mm and with three roof heights are from 2266mm to 2842mm and its has a width without mirrors of 2010mm.

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