VW Caddy dimensions

The fourth-generation Volkswagen Caddy, known as the C4, was introduced in 2015 although overall and load measurements have stayed relatively the same since the C3 was launched in 2003. Our VW Caddy dimensions article lists all the relevant measurements for both the standard and long (Maxi) wheelbase.

VW Caddy dimensions – standard version

VW Caddy dimensions - short wheelbase
VW Caddy dimensions – short wheelbase

The standard VW Caddy has a wheelbase of 2,682mm, an overall length of 4,408mm, an overall height of 1,823mm and an overall width of 1,793mm (2,065mm including the door mirrors). The turning circle is 11.1 metres (wall to wall).

The load area measures 1,779mm in length, 1,556mm wide (1,170mm between the wheelarches) and 1,244mm high, and this equates to a total load volume of 3.2 cubic metres.

VW Caddy load area
VW Caddy load area

Access to the load area is via the standard side loading door (701mm wide by 1,097mm high) or the rear barn doors (1,183mm wide by 1,134mm high). The loading height (distance from the ground to the load floor) is 577mm.

VW Caddy Maxi dimensions – long wheelbase

VW Caddy Maxi dimensions
VW Caddy Maxi dimensions

Long wheelbase versions of the VW Caddy are called the ‘Maxi’ and, needless to say, come with a longer wheelbase of 3,006mm and overall length of 4,878mm, and a slightly greater overall height of 1,836mm, although the overall width of 1,793mm (2,065mm including the door mirrors) are exactly the same. The turning circle increases to 12.2m wall to wall.

Items up to 2,249mm in length can now be accommodated in the load area, and the load height also increases marginally to 1,259mm. The maximum load width, surprisingly, is slightly smaller (1,552mm), as is the width between the wheelarches (1,168mm). The total load volume, in turn, increases to 4.2 cubic metres.

Unlike in other small vans, Volkswagen uses exactly the same side load doors and rear doors on its long wheelbase model. The side load doors measure 701mm wide by 1,097mm high, while the rear barn doors measure 1,183mm wide by 1,134mm high. The loading height is 588mm.