Citroen Berlingo gets upgrade

The Berlingo is one of the best selling vans in the UK light commercial vehicle market and Citroen have announced it is updating it with new drivetrains and technologies helping to make it even more appealing to potential small van buyers.


The driveline has been improved by the addition of a new Euro 6.3 BlueHDi 102 bhp manual option which is married to a six-speed manual gearbox and replaces the outgoing BlueHDi 100 five-speed manual. Of course, the addition of an extra gear allows for potentially better fuel economy and quieter in-cab noise.

In response to customer demand, medium length ‘Driver Pro’ variants are now available with Citroën’s efficient PureTech 110 S&S (Stop and Start) engine. The 1.2-litre turbocharged three-cylinder PureTech 110 S&S produces 110hp and 151 lb/ft of torque, and comes with a six-speed manual gearbox.


Citroen Berlingo Interior

As well as an upgrade of the driveline, they have also upgraded the technology on-board by including a new 10-inch digital driver’s instrument display, which is fitted as standard on ‘Driver Pro’ models and is optional on ‘Enterprise Pro’ versions. The new customisable display features improved graphics and replaces the existing analogue dials where previously fitted. The ‘X Pro’ and ‘Worker Pro’ versions now benefit from a 5-inch black and white touchscreen as standard, a feature that was previously unavailable.

Berlingo Electric

New all-electric ë-Berlingo Van is scheduled for a last quarter of this year ( 2021) and will new 100% electric compact van will be fitted with a 50kWh battery pack and a 136hp electric motor, and is capable of up to 171 miles (WLTP) from a single charge.

The revised Berlingo Van is now open for orders, with prices starting from £17,855 (Basic Price, excl. VAT).

New Berlingo Van ICE variants pricing & trim levels

Body StyleVersionBasic MRRPVATTotal MRRPOTR MRRP
X ProBlueHDi 100 6-speed manual 1000 M£17,855£3,571£21,426£22,511
Worker ProBlueHDi 100 6-speed manual 1000 M£18,755£3,751£22,506£23,591

Enterprise Pro

PureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual 1000 M£18,515£3,703£22,218£23,303
BlueHDi 100 6-speed manual 1000 M£19,310£3,862£23,172£24,257
BlueHDi 130 S&S EAT8 Auto 1000 M£21,310£4,262£25,572£26,657
BlueHDi 100 6-speed manual 950 XL£20,510£4,102£24,612£25,697
  Driver ProPureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual 1000 M£20,130£4,026£24,156£25,241
BlueHDi 100 6-speed manual 1000 M£20,925£4,185£25,110£26,195
BlueHDi 130 S&S EAT8 Auto 1000 M£22,925£4,585£27,510£28,595
BlueHDi 100 6-speed manual 950 XL£22,125£4,425£26,550£27,635
BlueHDi 130 S&S EAT8 Auto 950 XL£24,125£4,825£28,950£30,035
Crew VanBlueHDi 100 6-speed manual 850 XL£21,660£4,332£25,992£27,077

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