Citroen Dispatch dimensions

Our Citroen Dispatch dimensions article breaks down all the key measurements and measurements from Citroen’s medium-sized van. The Citroen Dispatch is available in a choice of three lengths – two wheelbases and an extended overhang – providing load volumes of between 4.6 and 6.1 cubic metres.  

The small, medium and long versions are referred to as XS, M and XL respectively.  

Citroen Dispatch dimensions – exterior

Citroen Dispatch dimensions - exterior
Citroen Dispatch dimensions – exterior

One of the first noticeable aspects of the Citroen Dispatch is how low it is. At 1,940mm (M and XL) and 1,950mm (XS), the Citroen Dispatch is the shortest van in the segment and with overall lengths varying between 4,609mm and 5,309mm (4,959mm on the M), it is offered in the widest choice of lengths. All versions have a standard width of 1,920mm (2,204mm including the door mirrors).

Citroen Dispatch wheelbase and turning circle

The short (XS) model has a 2,925mm wheelbase and the medium (M) and long (XL) versions have a 3,275mm wheelbase. The equates to a turning circle of 11.3m and 12.4m (wall to wall) respectively.

Load area dimensions

Citroen Dispatch dimensions - interior
Citroen Dispatch dimensions – interior

As mentioned, the van is available with a choice of three load lengths but no option of a roof height, which is quite unusual for this sector as most offer two load lengths and two roof heights. There are load lengths of 2,162mm (XS), 2,512mm (M) and 2,862mm (XL).

There is a standard interior height of 1,397mm and standard interior width 1,636mm (1,258mm between the wheelarches), relating to load volumes of 4.6, 5.3 and 6.1 cubic metres.

For those vans with ‘Moduwork’ fitted (a flap in the bulkhead and lifting passenger seat to accommodate longer items), the loading dimensions are even more impressive. This extends the maximum load lengths by 1,160mm to 3,324mm, 3,674mm and 4,024mm.

Citroen Dispatch dimensions overview

The Citroen Dispatch is available with three load lengths and one roof height, which – as it is below 2.0m – means it fits neatly most underground parking spaces and garages.