Citroen Relay Dimensions – all key measurements compared

We take a look at the ever popular Citroen Relay van which is the largest van available in the Citroen LCV range and has been around the European and UK market for over 25 years. Our Citroen Relay Dimensions article covers the key measurements from load lengths to cubic capacity.

Citroen Relay Dimensions
Citroen Relay Dimensions

Citroen Relay Load Lengths

The Citroen Relay has three wheelbases at 3000mm (L1) , 3450mm (L2) and 4035mm (L4). Having said that, there are four load lengths and measuring at the floor height these start at 2670mm, then 3120mm and 3705mm, finishing at 4070mm. If you measured the load lengths from the mid-height of the bulkhead these would be reduced by 206mm on the L1 and L2, and 150mm on the L3 and L4.

Citroen Relay Dimensions
Citroen Relay Dimensions

Citroen Relay Load Height

There are three load area heights and the maximum heights start at 1662mm for the H1, followed by 1932mm for the H2 and finally the H3 is 2172mm. The loading height, measured from the ground to the cargo floor varies dependent on the load in the van between 535mm to 565mm.

Citroen Relay Dimensions
Citroen Relay Dimensions

Citroen Relay Door Sizes

There are just two side load door heights with the H1 at 1485mm and the remaining H2 and H3 are 1755mm. The side load door widths are all 1250mm except for the L1 is 1075mm. The rear door width is constant at 1562mm, and the heights are 1520mm on the H1, 1790mm on the H2 and the H3 is 2030mm.

Citroen Relay all heights and lengths

Cargo Capacity

The Citroen Relay has over seven different cargo load volumes, the smallest is the L1H1 at 8m3 and the largest is the L4H3 at 17m3 there are also load volumes at 10m3 , 10.5m3 , 11.5m3 ,13m3, and 15m3. Inside the maximum cargo width is 1870mm across the range and the width between the wheel arches is 1422mm.

Citroen relay front

Overall Dimensions

The Citroen Relay overall lengths start with the L1 at 4963mm, the L2 is 5413mm, L3 is 5998mm and the longest is 6363mm. The overall height varies from 2254mm to the H2 at 2522mm to the highest at 2760mm. Finally the overall width excluding the mirrors is 2050mm.

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