Ford MR-ST models expand

Mention MR-ST to anyone in the commercial vehicle sector and they will probably think of the very popular Ford Transit Custom model which enjoyed excellent sales for a limited volume prestige product. Well MS-RT, who are basically a design-led automotive engineering and manufacturing company with a great track record for producing low volume, premium special edition models in the Commercial Vehicle sector have announced they will cement their excellent relationship with Ford to increase their product offering.

MR-ST move closer to Ford

The recently solidified business relationship will see MS-RT not only move onto Ford’s Dagenham estate to undertake customisation of a range of stand-out Commercial Vehicle products, but also enables MS-RT to ‘lock up’ its logo with Ford’s Blue Oval, one of the most recognised brand marks in the world. Not only that the senior MS-RT team are now working with Ford’s Commercial Vehicle engineering teams to deliver MS-RT derivatives of the next generation Transit Custom and Ranger products. These vehicles are part of the Ford and Volkswagen relationship which will see a number of joint commercial vehicle products being jointly developed over the coming years.

The newly framed collaborative relationship between MR-ST and Ford signifies the growing bond between the two brands and offers assurance to all customers that Ford’s standards of product development are being met by MS-RT and upheld across the entire spectrum of MS-RT models.

Steve Cootes, MS-RT’s Commercial Director, said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with Ford, a company with whom I spent 23 years of my career in the industry. We bring a distinctive, stand-out and sporty brand of Commercial Vehicles to Ford’s range, and will continue to push boundaries to ensure that owners of MS-RT derivatives are the envy of the sector.”

Drawing on its close association with M-Sport, MS-RT currently produces three rally car design-inspired Commercial Vehicles for sale in the UK and Europe – the Transit Connect MS-RT, the Transit Custom MS-RT and the Ranger MS-RT, available through Ford’s Transit Specialist Dealer network.

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