LDV to change naming structure for new van range

LDV is to change its naming structure for its all-new generation of vans, which it is set to roll out in spring 2020 with the launch of the ‘E Deliver 3’ – previously referred to as the EV30. The alteration doesn’t affect the upcoming pickup which will still use the ‘T70’ designation.

LDV Deliver 9
LDV Deliver 9

While SAIC declined to comment as to why the change has occurred, it is thought that the previous structure too closely resembled that of a prominent European manufacturer.

Traditionally LDV, or Maxus as it is known internationally, designates its vehicles by the first letter of the type of vehicle, then a two-digit number to denote the size and an ‘E’ prefix if it is electric (i.e. EV30 for a small, electric van and V80 for large, combustion van).

However, this closely resembles Volvo’s vehicle designation (i.e. Volvo V60, Volvo V40) and there was a clash with the upcoming large van, which LDV had planned to call the V90 – already the name of a large SUV from Volvo.

Instead, the company has opted for an apt new name – ‘Deliver’. Electric versions will continue to use the ‘E’ prefix, but the size reference has been reduced to a single-digit. The next-generation vans will therefore be known as the ‘E Deliver 3’, ‘Deliver 9’ and ‘E Deliver 9’.

SAIC is also toying with the idea of dropping the LDV name. Currently, the vehicles are only branded as LDV in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia where the name carries a lot of heritage, but on a recent visit to the company’s headquarters in Shanghai, officials revealed that it may adopt the international name of ‘Maxus’ for conformity and brand recognition.