Lyreco chooses Renault Master E-Tech

You’ve probably seen Lyreco vans around many towns and cities, delivering workplace products and services ,indeed they have a presence in 25 countries in Europe and Asia and for the UK operation they’ve selected 17 all-electric Renault Master E-Tech panel vans to its London operation, which will work out of its Greenford, Tottenham and Dartford distribution depots.

Two years research

These Renault Masters will be the first electrified light commercial vehicles that Lyreco have acquired in the UK and is the culmination of a two-year search to find a solution that matched its proposition for an electrified London delivery fleet. Any solution had to offer not only optimum environmental compatibility, but also the capability to complete an extensive multi-drop route without any impact on efficiency or service.Lyreco matched the Master E-Tech to its detailed requirements based on the award-winning van’s combination of payload, value, comfort and usability. While its London-based vans will not cover a great deal of miles completing delivery routes, they will carry a significant amount of customer orders.

Renault Master E-Tech Specification

The Master E-Tech long and medium wheelbases have a payload of 1,300kg and 1,381kg, respectively, which even after adding floor and side cladding and has a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge (WLTP). This means Lyreco’s average order weighing around 40kg and approximately 25 order per van it was essential for Lyreco to have a van with a payload of over 1,000kg.

Generally, the Renault Master E-Tech is available in a variety of body styles and, dependent on the version, weights of 3.1T and 3.5T. It offers a payload of up to 1,425kg in Panel Van format and can also be specified as a Chassis Cab or Platform Cab, these two versions forming the basis for several “tailor made” conversions – a Luton Low-Loader, Luton Box Van, Dropside and Tipper – that are available across the brand’s network of 150 dealerships. With a 33kWh battery, it provides an all-electric range of up to 75 miles (WLTP). When powered by a 7kW wallbox, a full charge is capable in as little as six hours. The Renault Master E-Tech is priced from £48,900 plus VAT after the Plug-in Van Grant.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With distribution making up 44 per cent of the company’s total carbon footprint emissions and with a direct impact on customers’ carbon emissions, clearly this is a key milestone in Lyreco’s strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Additionally, in 2019 Lyreco signed up to the Clean Van Commitment, which is a public commitment for fleets to switch to zero tailpipe emission vans in cities by 2028, and the new Master E-Tech vans will provide valuable insight into how Lyreco can transfer its learnings into the other UK territories in which it operates. To highlight the 100 per cent electric power and zero-tailpipe-emissions-in-use of its latest vans, Lyreco has added a sustainable, environmentally friendly wrap.  

Richard Taylor, Head of Operations – Supply Chain, Lyreco UK & Ireland, said: “The purchase of Master E-Tech vans sends a clear message to our customers, our colleagues and the wider public, of our green credentials and commitment to sustainability. It means that where range and payload permits, our deliveries in London will be made by 100 per cent electric vehicles that will not contribute to air and noise pollution. “Electric vans are currently the leading sustainable solution for our future operations and while the technology has been available for a couple of years, introducing any into our fleet before now would have been detrimental to our customer experience – the range and payload were simply not there. Making the transition to EVs had to work in every aspect and the Master E-Tech now ticks all the boxes. While we considered several different vans, it was also reassuring that we would be exploring such an important move into electrification with a brand that was a known quantity to us.”

Renault Master E-Tech


Lyreco will charge its new vans via 7kW charge points that it has recently installed across its London distribution depots. With an 80 per cent charge being achievable in only 4.5 hours, it’s straightforward for Lyreco to keep its vans ‘topped-up’ between deliveries. To ensure its operatives also get the most enjoyment and convenience from its new Master E-Tech fleet, Lyreco has also invested in electric vehicle driver training.

Vincent Tourette, Managing Director, Renault UK, commented: “We are delighted that Lyreco has reaffirmed its confidence in Renault and the Master. It’s very exciting to play an important role in helping such a renowned business start its journey to a fully electrified fleet and especially pleasing that the Master E-Tech has met the company’s strict criteria for its busy London multi-drop operation. With the effectiveness of Lyreco’s vehicles being pivotal to its success, it’s a fine illustration of how the Master E-Tech is an excellent and highly usable LCV, regardless of the fact that it is also 100 per cent electric.”

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