Maxus van brand to launch virtually on 15th June

The Maxus brand is to hold its official launch party virtually on Monday the 15th June and opening the invitation to members of the public. Formerly known as LDV, the Maxus team will be launching the brand and two new vehicles from Harris Group HQ in Dublin, the appointed distributors for the UK and Ireland.


LDV has had a short but turbulent in the UK. The Midlands-based company was spun-off from Leyland DAF (hence LDV; Leyland DAF Vans) in 1993 in a management buyout. Following the 2008 financial crisis, LDV was sold to current owners SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation) who began selling the vans in the UK again in 2016 via Irish distributor Harris Group.  

During VanGuide.co.uk’s visit to the Shanghai factory in December 2019, SAIC management disclosed that LDV would be rebranding as its European name, Maxus. The name change was due to take place at the CV Show and, since it has been cancelled, the company will be hosting an online event at 12.30pm on Monday 15th June 2020.

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New vehicles

There will also be two new vehicles launched, the new electric-only Maxus E Deliver 3 small/medium van and the diesel Deliver 9 large van, as a replacement for the aging V80. An electric version of the Deliver 9, called the E Deliver 9, will be available in due course.

Maxus E Deliver 3

The Maxus E Deliver 3 is one new arrival that will have Nissan quaking as the little Chinese van may knock the eNV200 off the top spot for European electric van sales. With a range of up to 200 miles, up to 6 cubic metres of load volume and payloads of up to one tonne, the E Deliver 3 certainly makes the electric van proposition a lot more credible.

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Maxus Deliver 9

LDV Deliver 9
Maxus Deliver 9

The Maxus Deliver 9 is the all-new large panel van from Maxus that is set to hit the market in 2020. Available in a choice of three lengths, three heights and either front or rear wheel drive, the Maxus Deliver 9 will boast the most versatile offerings of any Maxus van ever. Our Editor, Liam Campbell, puts it to the test in China.

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Maxus E Deliver 9

LDV eV90 expected 2020
Maxus E Deliver 9 expected 2020

The Maxus E Deliver 9 is based on the existing platform and the Chinese-built van obliterates its European counterparts (like the eSprinter and eCrafter) for productivity, with an impressive 161-mile range and a 73kWh battery.

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