Most reliable pickup UK

Reliability is key aspect when it comes to pickup truck customers; the dual-purpose nature means that the vehicle plays in role in both the owner’s work and social lives. In 2017, our sister title Professional Pickup & 4×4 magazine undertook a study to determine which is the most reliable pickup truck on the UK’s roads.

5 – Volkswagen Amarok

While build quality is certainly a major plus point for other vehicles in the Volkswagen CV range, the Amarok has been troubled by a few problems since its launch in 2011. Despite having the youngest average age and less mileage than other vehicles in the survey, the Amarok finished a disappointing fifth place with common problems including the EGR valves, DPF, water pump.

4 – Ford Ranger

While older Mazda-developed (pre-2012) Rangers performed well, newer models – which have been in-house by Ford Australia – have struggled with quite a number of upsets. The most notable of these problems was the oil pump; this would often lead to engine seizure and could potentially cost the own thousands.

3 – Mitsubishi L200

Not surprising, the three most reliable pickups were all Japanese. The Mitsubishi L200 has had a couple of issues – including leaf springs, head gasket, heater matrix – but overall it’s a pretty solid truck which may have something to do with the short service intervals of 12,500 miles.

2 – Toyota Hilux

Narrowly missing out on the top spot is the Toyota Hilux. Now into its eighth generation, the Toyota Hilux is world renowned for its toughness and durability. However, issues with rear diff bearings, corrosion and fuel injectors meant it didn’t quite win the crown.

Most reliable pickup – Isuzu D-Max

At the top of the leader board is the Isuzu D-Max. Isuzu’s have built up a strong reputation in the agricultural industries as a tough workhorse, and that is reflected in the survey. The most common fault was the EGR valve but, as they tend to fail around the three-year mark, they are often covered by Isuzu’s respected five-year warranty.