Most Reliable Vans for 2020

Our Most Reliable Vans for 2020 takes data from the FN50 survey, undertaken by Fleet News, to provide an overview on the most relivable commercials for the UK. Reliability consistently proves to be the most influential in factor for van buyers, with downtime proving far costlier to that of car owners.

10 – Volkswagen Crafter

All-new models tend to suffer in reliability surveys but the second-generation Crafter – introduced in 2017 – is fairing relatively well. The fact that much of the running gear and architecture has been derived from the Transporter (in second place) may serve as a reason why.

9 – Peugeot Partner

The Peugeot Partner has been ever present in the Top 10. The vehicle was updated in 2019 and this survey takes into account both models.

8 – Ford Transit Connect

While its larger siblings – the Transit Custom and Transit – continue to suffer setbacks, the smaller Transit Connect goes from strength-to-strength. The Transit Connect was updated with new engines for the 2019 model year.  

7 – Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport
Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport

Mercedes-Benz has always been a strong contender in the reliability survey but the Vito dropped from third to seventh spot this year.

6 – Citroen Berlingo

While the Berlingo is almost identical to its Partner sibling, the Citroen Berlingo performed much better and earned itself a respectable sixth position.

5 – Renault Trafic

While recently upsizing to 2.0-litre engines, the majority of Trafics surveyed here were the slightly older 1.6-litre.

4 – Vauxhall Vivaro

2019 Vauxhall Vivaro van
2019 Vauxhall Vivaro van

As with the Renault Trafic, most of the Vauxhall Vivaro’s surveyed will be the second-generation (based on the Renault platform) and will therefore feature the 1.6-litre engine. It may also be worth mentioning, despite the same design, Vivaros are built in Luton and have consistently performed better than French-built models.

3 – Volkswagen Caddy

VW Caddy 2020
VW Caddy 2020

Unsurprisingly, German models take the top 3 spots. In third place, the Volkswagen Caddy is the most reliable small van and, like the rest of the top 3, boasts best-in-class residual values.

2 – Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter T6
Volkswagen Transporter T6

Consolidating its enviable second position is the Volkswagen Transporter, but then again, the engineers have had over 70 years of perfecting this vehicle. An update, the Transporter T6.1, is due at the start of 2020.  

1 – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

There’s no stopping the Sprinter. For the fifth year in a row, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has topped the reliability charts which serves as a reason why there’s now 30 years of roadside assistance offered with the vehicle. The Sprinter also boasts best-in-class residual values.