MY AMI electric van

Citroën has launched an LCV version of its compact zero emission car, the MY AMI CARGO is designed for final mile delivery services operating in urban areas, where speed limits are often restricted and space is always at a premium.

MY AMI Electric specification

Looking at the driveline specification of the New MY AMI CARGO its obvious this ‘cargo van’ is an urban dweller with a small 5.5kWh lithium battery pack which is connected to a 6kW electric motor for an emissions-free driving experience. Of course, a small battery does have its advantages when it comes to charging and in the case of the MY AMI CARGO it can be fully charged from a standard domestic socket in just three hours and comes with a capable 47 mile (75km) range. Naturally, as its fully electric the vehicle should be exempt from current access restrictions and congestion charges in many major towns and cities.

MY AMY loadspace

MY AMI Loadspace

The MY AMI was launched last year as a passenger car and to convert the car into a cargo van Citroen has removed the passenger seat and this is replaced by a seven-part polypropylene module that can hold up to 260-litres and 140kg of cargo or goods. Coupled with the interior storage already present on-board, MY AMI CARGO is able to offer a total load capacity of 400-litres and the it measures 2.41m long, 1.39m wide and 1.52m tall.

There’s a bulkhead positioned to provide optimum space between the driver and the cargo, ensuring the driver is protected and the bulkhead’s height is calibrated to preserve 360° visibility for total safety. A secondary shelf unit can hold up to 40kg and has been designed to work either as a storage unit or as a mobile desk. It also features an A4 size cut-out that can hold forms or other items of paperwork firmly in place. The removal shelf is adjustable and can be moved towards the driver for better access, or tilted towards the passenger door if required. Interestingly, the cargo floor can be raised and locked vertically, so as not to obstruct the cargo zone, or lowered into a horizontal position to match the level of the vehicle floor and in that position it can carry longer objects with a maximum length of 1.20m.

MY AMY Cargo

MY AMY – It’s a little different

The vehicle will be launched in France in June 2021 and for fleets of less than 10 vehicles customers have the possibility of adding their company logo onto their MY AMI CARGOs when ordering them. Larger fleet customers can have bespoke modifications made to their MY AMI CARGO vehicles including painting the body in specific corporate colours, adding logos and graphics, or wrapping the model to represent the company, if feasible.

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