Peugeot Expert Dimensions

The Peugeot Expert has been with us for around 25 years in one form or another and has been the mainstay of Peugeots medium van offering. We take a look at the Peugeot Expert dimensions to see if it matches you to your requirements.

Peugeot Expert Load Length

The Peugeot Partner has two wheelbases but three different load lengths. The short wheelbase is 2925mm (Compact) and has one load length and the longer wheelbase coming in at 3275mm has two load lengths . The compact wheelbase has a load length of 2162mm although this can be extended by the under floor access system called “MODUWORK” by 1162mm to 3324mm. The standard and long wheelbase has load lengths of 2512mm and 2842mm. Once again the load lengths at floor level can be extended by the “MODUWORK” under seat systems to 3674mm and 4024mm respectively.

Peugeot Expert Dimension

Peugeot Expert Load Height

There is only one roof height for the Expert at 1397mm measured from the cargo floor area to the roof. The load height, which measured from the ground to the cargo floor varies between 544mm to 633mm, dependent on wheelbase and the weight inside the van.

Peugeot expert Exterior Dimensions

Expert Door Sizes

The side load door on the compact wheelbase is 745mm wide but this is increased to 935mm for both the standard and long versions. The height on the L1 is 1238mm and is just slightly higher at 1241mm on the longer versions. Unlike the side load door, the rear doors are identical for all the versions, measuring 1282mm wide and 1220mm high.

Peugeot Expert Cargo Volumes

Expert Cargo Area

There are six cargo volumes ranging from the compact at 4.6cm3 and 5.1cm3 with the “MODUWORK” system. The standard version is 5.3cm3 and 5.8cm3 with the “MODUWORK”, finally the long version is 6.1cm3 and 6.6cm3 .

Door Dimensions

Expert Overall Dimensions

The three overall lengths of the Expert are 4609mm, 4959mm and 5309mm. The overall width is 1920mm without the mirrors and 2204mm with the mirrors. The overall height varies between 1899mm to 1950mm and this depends on the load length and whether its the 1000kg or 1400kg payload version.

Expert Overall Dimensions

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