Peugeot Partner Dimensions – SWB & LWB Compared

The original Peugeot Partner was launched back in the mid-nineties and has undergone a number of facelifts over the last 25 years. Our Peugeot Partner dimensions article looks at all the important figures including the all important load lengths.

Peugeot Partner Load Length

The Peugeot Partner is available with two wheelbases, the short wheelbase L1 is 2785mm and the long wheelbase L2 is 2975mm. This equates to a load length of 1817mm and 2167 if measured along the cargo floor. The Partner also has a “Multi-Flex” storage system under the passengers seat and this increases the maximum load length to 3090mm and 3440mm but for only a limited amount of goods.

Peugeot Partner Dimensions

Peugeot Partner Load Height

There is only one roof height available on the Peugeot Partner but there are officially two cargo heights although they differ by only a few millimetres. The L1 internally measures 1236mm and the L2 1243mm. The load height measured from the ground to the cargo floor varies between 548mm to 586mm depending how much is in the back and these figures are 23mm more on the L2.

Peugeot Partner Dimensions

Peugeot Partner Door Sizes

The side load door has a maximum width of 675mm and this is reduced by 34mm to 641mm at its narrowest point, with a height of 1072mm. The rear doors are 1241mm wide and are 1196 mm at the bottom, but because of the “tumblehome effect” at the top it is 1087mm.

Door Dimensions

Cargo Volumes

Of course, with two wheelbases there are basically two cargo volumes 3.3 cubic metres for the short wheelbase (L1) and 3.8 cubic metres for the long wheelbase (L2). The Multi-Flex under seat storage, when specified, increase these volumes to 3.9 and 4.4 cubic metres respectively.

Load Volumes

Overall Dimensions

The overall length of the Peugeot Partner is 4403mm on the L1 and 4753mm on the L2. The overall height is 1840mm and finally the width without the mirrors is 1848mm and with mirrors is 2107mm.

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