Renault Kangoo Dimensions

We take a look at the ever popular Renault Kangoo and Renault Kangoo Maxi which are the small to medium van offerings in the Renault LCV range and have been around the European and UK market for over two decades. Our Renault Kangoo Dimensions article covers the key measurements from load lengths to cubic capacities.

Renault Kangoo Load Lengths

There are two wheelbases available for the Renault Kangoo a short wheelbase (L1) at 2697mm and then the Maxi version which has a wheelbase of 3081mm. These translate into internal load lengths of 1731mm and 2115mm respectively measured around halfway up but if the front seat is folded forwards these are increased by 771mm on both vans.

Renault Kangoo Dimensions

Renault Kangoo Load Heights

There is only one roof height for the Renault Kangoo is the internal load height is the same for both vans at 1129mm and the floor height from the ground varies between 588mm to 609mm depending on how much load is in the van and the Maxi varies from 575mm to 601mm.

Renault Kangoo Dimensions

Rear Door

The rear doors width vary slightly between the top and bottom measuring 1141mm and 1219mm respectively, and the rear door height is 1129mm.

Renault Kangoo Load Space

The combination of load lengths, heights and widths results in a 3.0m³ load space capacity reaching to 3.6m³ for the standard Kangoo and these figures are increased to 4.0m³ on the Maxi and to 4.6m³ if the front seat is folded forwards.

Renault Kangoo Maxi

Overall Dimensions

The overall length of the standard Kangoo is 4282mm, the width is 1829mm without the mirrors and 2138mm with the mirrors. Finally the overall heights varies from 1805mm to 1844mm depending the weight carried. The Maxi version overall length is 4666mm, the width is the same as the standard version, with the overall height varying between 1810mm and 1836mm depending the weight carried.

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