Renault Trafic dimensions

The Renault Trafic is one of the most popular mid-size vans in the UK, and customers are given a choice of two wheelbases and two roof heights. In the article, we give you the Renault Trafic dimensions for all variants.

All four variants have a standard load width of 1,662mm, which reduces to 1,268mm between the wheelarches, and a loading height (sill height) of 552mm. Side load doors are 1,030mm wide by 1,284mm and rear doors are 1,391mm by 1,321mm (although this increases to 1,820mm on high roof variants).

N.B. L1 = Short Wheelbase, L2 = Long Wheelbase, H1 = Low Roof, H2 = High Roof.

Renault Trafic dimensions
Renault Trafic dimensions

Renault Trafic SWB dimensions

The Renault Trafic SWB (short wheelbase) models measure 4,999mm from the front to the rear bumper, while there is a maximum load length of 2,537mm. However, items of up to 3,750mm in length can be accommodated thanks to the load-through facility (a flap in the bulkhead which allows long items to pass through into the passenger footwell.

Renault Trafic LWB dimensions

On the Renault Trafic LWB (long wheelbase), both the overall length of the vehicle and the load bed length increase 400mm to 5,399mm and 2,937mm respectively. The maximum load length with the load-through facility also increases to 4,150mm.

Renault Trafic Low Roof dimensions

Low roof models of the Renault Trafic measure 1,971mm from the ground to the top of the roof and 1,387mm from the load bed to the roof.

Renault Trafic High Roof dimensions

This increases to 2,465mm from ground to roof on the High Roof and 1,898mm from the load bed to the roof.

Renault Trafic dimensions overview

Load volumes vary between 5.2 and 8.6 cubic metres, depending on the roof height and wheelbase. Short wheelbase, low roof (SL) models have 5.2 cubic metres; long wheelbase, low roofs (LL) have 6.0 cubic metres; short wheelbase, high roofs (SH) have 7.2 cubic metres and long wheelbase, high roofs (LH) have 8.6 cubic metres.