The New Ford E-Transit in 10 Numbers

Further details of Ford’s E-Transit were revealed last week which is set to shake up the global electric van market. With electric vehicles, there’s a lot to take so VanGuide.co.uk has taken the initiative to crunch the numbers and present the new vehicle in 10 crucial points.


At 269PS (265bhp), the Ford E-Transit is the most powerful Transit available in the UK (the most powerful current Transit delivers 185PS or 184bhp).


This is complemented by a torque offering of up to 430Nm. This, again, is higher than the torquiest diesel model, which currently stands at 415Nm.

217 miles

With a usable battery capacity of 67kWh, E-Transit offers an estimated driving range of up to 217 miles on the combined WLTP cycle.

34 minutes

Charging with up to 115kW using a high-power DC fast-charger, E-Transit can top-up the battery from 15 per cent to 80 per cent in around 34 minutes.

8.2 hours

The charging time increases to 8.2 hours if you use the vehicle’s standard 11.3kW on-board charger – although this is a complete 100% charge.

1,616kg payload

There is a maximum payload of 1,616kg on the 4.25t GVW model which, due to special derogation for electric vans, will be able to be driven on a standard UK car licence.


E-Transit features optional Pro Power Onboard, which enables customers to transform the vehicle into a mobile power source, providing up to 2.3kW for powering tools and equipment on the jobsite and on the go. This is an industry first for light commercial vehicles in Europe.

12 inches

E-Transit also brings SYNC 4 communications and entertainment technology to commercial vehicles, featuring an easy-to-use 12-inch touchscreen – which is standard across the range.


The E-Transit can reduce service cost of ownership by approximately 40 per cent compared with internal combustion engine-equipped models, as a result of lower maintenance expenses.

25 configurations

In the UK, Ford will offer a choice of 25 E-Transit configurations, with van, double-cab-in-van and chassis cab body styles, multiple length and roof-height options, and a range of gross vehicle mass options up to 4.25 tonnes, to support a wide variety of customer needs.

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