Vans dominate UK registrations table due to COVID-19

With most manufacturers closing ‘non-essential’ vehicle sales due to the COVID-19 breakout, LCVs have been flung into the limelight taking six of the top ten spots. For the first time ever, a van (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter) is the best-selling vehicle in the UK and a pickup (Isuzu D-Max) features in the top 10.

Of course it has to be remembered that behind these numbers is the awful backdrop of the Corona Virus and indeed this is reflected by the press release accompanying these abnormal trading figures.

The Society of Motors Manufacturer and Traders (SMMT) acknowledges that many of the 3,387 vans registered in April were largely made up of orders rushed through to meet demand of industries working on the frontline of the coronavirus response, including fleets for the NHS, emergency services, pharmaceutical, food distribution and home delivery services, as the nation grew more reliant on these key businesses.

UK Automotive sales figures

For the record the combined passenger car and light commercial vehicle registrations for April 2020 read like this :

1st – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (939)

2nd – Tesla Model 3 (658)

3rd – Jaguar I-Pace (376)

4th – Peugeot Boxer (301)

5th – Vauxhall Corsavan (264)

6th – Vauxhall Vivaro (257)

7th – Ford Transit Custom (144)

8th – Vauxhall Crossland X (143)

9th – Isuzu D-Max (142)

10th – Ford Transit (138)

Whilst Mercedes-Benz are quite rightly taking all the plaudits, another interesting twist of fate are the Vauxhall and Ford combined registrations, which are 736 and 588 respectively. Again, just to confirm the “uniqueness” of this phenomenon Vauxhall have outsold Ford by a little over 25% – pretty much unheard of in a modern UK market.

Having worked for two commercial vehicle manufacturers, I sincerely hope the commercial vehicle teams at Mercedes-Benz, Citroen and Nissan are also making their voices heard as all of them have outsold their passenger car compatriots during the month of April.

Finally, a word for Isuzu pickups who, for the first time, featured in the top five registrations in the LCV sector, probably a reflection of the deliveries to the key workers as mentioned in the SMMT press release, but a great achievement in anyone’s eyes.

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