Vauxhall Movano FWD Dimensions

We take a look at the ever popular Vauxhall Movano FWD van which is the largest van available in the Vauxhall LCV range and has been around the European and UK market for around 25 years. Our Vauxhall Movano FWD Dimensions article covers the key measurements from load lengths to cubic capacity.

Vauxhall Movano FWD Dimensions L1H2

Vauxhall Movano Load Lengths

The front wheel drive version of the Vauxhall Movano has three wheelbases a L1 ( SWB) at 3182mm, L2 (MWB) at 3682mm and finally a L3 at 4332mm this corresponds to internal three internal load lengths. The L1 has a load length of 2583mm allowing an 8×4 to be fitted, the L2 is 3083mm and finally the longest wheelbase can take a load length upto 3733mm .

Vauxhall Movano FWD L2H2H3

Vauxhall Movano FWD Load Heights

Just like the load lengths, there are three load heights as well, making this a very versatile van. The H1 height is 1700mm and H2 is 1894mm and the highest H3 is 2144mm. The short wheelbase is available with the H1 and H2, the medium wheelbase can have the H2 or H3 height and the same is true for the L3. The unladen height of the floor to the ground varies dependent on the load length from 563mm to 557mm.

Vauxhall Movano FWD L3 H2/H3

Vauxhall Movano FWD Door Sizes

On the L1H1 the side load door (SLD) is 1581mm high and 1050mm wide but this increases on the L2 and L3 to a height of 1780mm and width of 1270mm. As far as the rear doors are concerned all the variants are 1577mm wide but the H1 doors are 1627mm high whereas the H2 and H3 are 1820mm high.

Vauxhall Movano FWD Loadspace

The Vauxhall Movano cargo capacity varies from 7.8 m3 on the L1H2 to the largest which is 14.8m3 . Looking at the most popular models which are almost certainly the L2H2 or L3H2, they have a cargo capacity of 10.8m3 and 12.3m3 respectively.

Vauxhall Movano Overall Sizes

As far as overall dimensions are concerned the L1 is 5048mm, the L2 5548mm and the L3 6198mm. The overall width without mirrors is 2070mm and with mirrors 2470mm. The overall height on the H1 is 2307mm, H2 2500mm and finally the highest H3 is 2749mm.

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