Volkswagen Caddy Dimensions

The Volkswagen Caddy is the manufacturers small van offering in the UK light commercial vehicle sector. In this article we shall be looking at the latest generation launched in 2021 and examining the dimensions of the Caddy Cargo version.

Overall Dimensions

The Volkswagen Caddy is 4500mm long overall based on a wheelbase of 2755mm and the width is just over 2m at 2100mm and this includes the exterior door mirrors. Whilst the overall width is 2100mm the vehicles track is 1855mm and surprisingly, this is virtually the same as the height of the standard Caddy at 1856mm. The larger Maxi version has the same dimensions as the ‘standard’ but the overall length is increased by 353mm to 4853mm and the wheelbase extended by 215mm to 2970mm.

Volkswagen Caddy Cargo Area

The standard Caddy has an internal height of 1272mm and a maximum width of 1614mm, in between the wheelarches is 1230mm and of course this allows a pallet to be loaded width ways helping with loading. Finally the maximum load length is 1797mm and these dimensions result in a cargo capacity of 3.1 cubic metres. The Maxi version has an increased load length of 2150mm and this increases the load capacity to 3.7 cubic metres.

Volkswagen Caddy Dimensions

From a practical point of view, the shorter wheel base can take two Euro pallets and this is increased to three on the ‘Maxi’ version.

Volkswagen Caddy Doors

The side load door (SLD) on the short wheelbase is 703mm wide and 1096mm high, the ‘Maxi’ version has a slightly wider door at 846mm although the height remains the same. At the rear the doors are 1234mm wide and 1122mm high and unlike the side load doors, these remain the same on both models.

Volkswagen Caddy Dimensions

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