New Nissan NV250 to be produced in France

Nissan’s light commercial vehicle division have been going through interesting time recently, particularly with announcement last year regarding the closing of the Barcelona plant which has been producing the NV200 and more importantly the very successful electric version, the e-NV200.

So we have been waiting for what the next step would be regarding the next generation of small vans for the European market.

Maubeuge factory to be used

It comes as no great shock to the automotive industry that Nissan have announced they will continue to leverage their Alliance partnership with Renault by manufacturing their next small van at the Maubeuge factory in France, the Alliance’s small van centre of excellence.

Nissan are been very vague about the exact specification, keeping this information for closer to the launch date, but they have disclosed the range will include all-electric and internal combustion engine options, as well as commercial and passenger vehicle variants, with various size combinations.

Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta said: “This future van announcement is more evidence of the strong momentum building for Nissan in Europe as we continue to advance our Nissan NEXT business transformation plan. Manufacturing our future products together with our Alliance partner brings competitive advantages for both companies and is another example of our win-win strategy. While it is too early to give any detailed product information, our customers can be sure they will have a strong Nissan identity and continue our mission of making the all-electric driving experience a viable option for everyone.”

This means, after the closing of the Barcelona plant in Spain, all of Nissan’s vans for European customers will be manufactured in France.

Like the current Nissan NV250 van, which has been manufactured at the Renault Maubeuge plant since 2019, the next-generation model will be built on an Alliance platform alongside the next-generation Renault Kangoo.

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