Citroen Berlingo dimensions

The third-generation Citroen Berlingo was launched in 2018 and was marginally bigger than its predecessor, both inside and outside. In this article, we list all the key Citroen Berlingo dimensions for both the short and long wheelbase derivatives.

There are just two derivatives of the Citroen Berlingo available; a long and short wheelbase, with no option of roof height (although the roof is slightly higher on the long wheelbase).

Citroen Berlingo dimensions – short wheelbase

Citroen Berlingo dimensions
Citroen Berlingo dimensions

Short wheelbase versions of the Citroen Berlingo have an overall length of 4,403mm, an overall height of 1,796mm and an overall width of 1,921mm (2,107mm including the door mirrors). There is a 10.8 metre turning circle (kerb to kerb).

Inside, the cargo area measures 1,817mm from bulkhead to rear doors, 1,200mm from cargo floor to roof and 1,550mm from side panel to side panel (1,229mm between the wheelarches; wide enough to fit a Euro Pallet widthways). This gives a total load volume of 3.3 cubic metres.

Short wheelbase models come with one side load door (641mm wide by 1,072mm high) as standard and rear barn doors (1,242mm wide by 1,137mm high), while the distance from the ground to the load floor is just 548mm.

Citroen Berlingo dimensions – long wheelbase

Long wheelbase versions are around 30cm (1 foot) longer at 4,753mm, and the roof is also slightly higher 1,860mm and the turning circle is wider (11.4 metres) but the width remains the same at 1,921mm (2,107mm including the door mirrors).

The load area measures 2,167mm in length, 1,270mm high and – as with the short wheelbase – 1,550mm wide (1,229mm between the wheelaches), corresponding to a total load volume of 3.9 cubic metres.

Twin side load doors are standard on the Citroen Berlingo long wheelbase, which are slightly wider (675mm wide by 1,072mm high), although the rear barn doors are the same size (1242mm by 1,137mm).

Citroen Berlingo Extenso

Citroen Berlingo 2018 load area
Citroen Berlingo 2018 load area

The Citroen Berlingo Extenso consists of a hole in the bulkhead and a folding passenger seat, which allows items of up to 3,090mm (short wheelbase) and 3,440mm (long wheelbase) to be accommodated, although the hole only measures 298mm by 612mm.