Fiat Ducato Dimensions

The Fiat Ducato is one of the most popular vans in the large van sector and one of Europe’s best selling 3 to 3.5 tonne vehicles. In this feature we look at the key Fiat Ducato dimensions and provide readers with an essential guide to choosing your next Fiat Professional van.

Fiat Ducato SWB dimensions
Fiat Ducato SWB dimensions
Fiat Ducato LWB dimensions
Fiat Ducato LWB dimensions

Fiat Ducato Load Length

There are three wheelbases but four load lengths available on the Fiat Ducato van range. The 3000mm short wheelbase offers a 2670mm load length, the middle wheelbase has a 3120mm load length. Finally the 4035mm long wheelbase has two load lengths at 3705mm and 4070mm which is achieved by a extending the rear overhang from 1015mm to 1380mm on the longer length.

Ducato Load Heights

Customers often get confused by the different load heights types. One covers the height inside the load cargo area and the other the height distance between the cargo floor and the ground. The three internal cargo heights start at 1662mm , and then 1932mm to the tallest at 2172mm. The loading heights measured when unladen are 535mm for the first two wheelbases and the longer length is 550mm.

Fiat Ducato

Ducato Door Access sizes

The short wheelbase (3m) has a side load door (SLD) width of 1075mm, this is increased for all the remaining wheelbase to 1250mm, meaning these wider doors allow for a both euro and metric pallets to be loaded “lengthways”. The height for the short and medium wheelbases are 1485mm with the larger models having an increased height of 1755mm. It must be remembered bulkhead intrusion should be considered on all these dimensions.

The rear doors are 1562mm wide across the van models and the low roof has a 1520 mm height, followed by the medium roof at 1790mm and finally the high roof is 2030mm.

Fiat Ducato Dimensions Overview

The Fiat Ducato has one of the most comprehensive van model line-ups in the UK, with three roof heights, three wheelbases and four load lengths helping the Ducato carry load volumes from 8 cubic metres to 17 cubic metres. The load area is 1870mm wide with 1422mm between the wheelarches, allowing easy access for pallet loading.

Overall Dimensions

The Ducato is a big van and consequently the overall lengths range from 4963mm to 6363mm, the width remains the same throughout at 2050mm without the mirrors and the three roof heights mean the height ranges from 2254mm to 2774mm.

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