Ford Transit Connect Dimensions Guide

If your looking for all the important dimensions data on the Ford Transit Connect then our dimensions guide will be perfect for you, providing all the key cargo lengths and widths for both the short and long wheelbases. Just one word of warning unlike previous versions, there are no roof height options on the Transit Connect – just two wheelbase options.

Ford Transit Connect dimensions
Transit Connect lengths

Both models have a standard exterior width of 2,137mm with mirrors (1,967mm body width). The load width is 1,543mm on the short wheelbase (SWB) although, interestingly, this reduces to 1,496mm on the long wheelbase (LWB). The width between the wheelarches is 1,249mm on the SWB and LWB, meaning that Euro Pallets can fit through widthways.

Transit Connect SWB L1

The Transit Connect SWB is the smaller of the two variants and its exterior measures 4,425mm long and 1,830mm high. The load area is 1,786mm long at the floor and 1,269mm from floor to roof, which equates to a load volume of 2.9 cubic metres. With the optional load-through facility, items of up to three metres in length can be accommodated.

Transit Connect LWB L2

The Transit Connect LWB is the larger of the two variants, with an overall length and height of 4,825mm and 1,828mm respectively. In the cargo area, the distance between the bulkhead and the rear doors at the floor is 2,152mm and 1,269mm again from floor to roof. This gives a load volume of 3.6 cubic metres, while the optional load-through facility increases the maximum load length to 3.4 metres.

Ford Transit Connect dimensions of doors

Rear door apertures are slightly different for the two models; while they’re both 1,248mm wide, the SWB has a 1,202mm opening height and this is reduced slightly to 1,156mm on the LWB. Side load door apertures are 1,228mm on both models although, as expected, the door aperture width is narrower on the SWB (612mm v 839mm).

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