Ford Transit dimensions

The Ford Transit is the best-selling large van in the UK and has been since its launch in 1965. In our ‘Ford Transit dimensions’ article, we provide all the essential information regarding the dimensions to help you decide which variant is best for you.

Ford Transit dimensions overview

Ford Transit dimensions for L2, L2 and L4

All Ford Transits have a standard load width of 1,784mm and 1,392mm between the wheelarches (reducing to 1,154mm on the twin rear wheels). The low roof measures 1,886mm from load floor to roof and the high roof is 2,215mm (take away 100mm for rear and all-wheel drive models due to the raised floor).

N.B. Short wheelbase (SWB) = L2, medium wheelbase (MWB) = L3, long wheelbase (LWB) = L4, low roof = H2 and high roof = H3.

Ford Transit SWB dimensions

The Ford Transit short wheelbase (SWB), or L2, is available with a low or high roof. The wheelbase measures 3,300mm and the load area measures 2,946mm at the floor. On the low roof, there is a 10.0 cubic metre load volume and 11.2 cubic metres on the high roof (9.5 and 10.7 cubic metres on the RWD and AWD models).

Ford Transit MWB dimensions

Ford Transit loading

The Ford Transit medium wheelbase (MWB) is also available with the choice of a low or high roof. The wheelbase is extended to 3,750mm and measures 3,494mm on the cargo floor. The load volumes are measured at 11.5 cubic metres on the low roof and 13.0 cubic metres on the high (reduced to 11.0 and 12.4 cubic metres on the RWD and AWD models).

LWB measurements

The Ford Transit long wheelbase (LWB) is available with the high roof option only and it uses the same 3,750mm wheelbase, although the rear overhang has been extended to provide 4,217mm worth of load length. There is a standard load volume of 15.1 cubic metres as there is only one roof height and it is only available on the RWD models.