Fiat Doblo Dimensions

The Fiat Doblo has been a major player in the small to medium van sector for over 20 years, with the latest facelift model available in 2019. We take a look at this latest generation Fiat Doblo dimensions and the three van sizes highlighting its key figures.

Fiat Doblo Dimensions SWB
Fiat Doblo Dimensions SWB
Fiat Doblo Dimensions LWB
Fiat Doblo XL model
Fiat Doblo XL model

Fiat Doblo load length

Whilst there are three load cargo volumes, there are just two wheelbases with the short wheelbase measuring 2755mm and 3105mm for the long wheelbase. This results in a maximum load length of 1820mm for the short wheelbase and 2170mm for the longer model.

Fiat Doblo load height

There are two roof heights on the Doblo, with the standard roof measuring 1305mm high and the XL high roof model 1550mm which is available only on the long wheelbase. The loading height, which is measured from the ground to the cargo floor is 545mm.

Doblo Door sizes

The side load doors (SLD) are the same on all the models, 700mm wide and 1175mm high, this means its not possible to load pallets through these doors. Having said that, the rear doors are perfect for this purpose. The rear doors are 1231mm wide and on the standard roof it’s 1250mm high, with the higher roof model 1455mm.

Doblo Dimensions Overview

With three different models the short wheelbase low roof has a 3.4 cubic metre load volume, followed by the longer wheelbase at 4.2 cubic metre and the largest at 5 cubic metres increased via a higher roof. The maximum inside width is 1714mm and there’s 1230mm in between the wheelarches, meaning a metric and euro pallet will fit lengthways.

Overall Dimensions

The short wheelbase is 4406mm long and the long wheelbase 4756mm, the width of 1832mm is the same for both, whereas the height for the long wheelbase has a maximum roof height of 1845mm and 2125mm when unladen.

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