Fiat Talento Dimensions

Our Fiat Talento Dimensions Guide focuses on one of the best selling shapes in the medium van sector and has been in the Fiat Professional line-up since its introduction during 2016. We take a look at important dimensions to help you chose the appropriate van for your job.

Fiat Talento SWB Dimensions
Fiat Talento SWB Dimensions
Fiat Talento LWB dimensions

Fiat Talento load lengths

The Fiat Talento has two wheelbases , a short wheelbase measuring 3098mm and a 400mm longer wheelbase at 3498mm. As far as the load lengths are concerned these start at 2537mm for the short and 2937mm for the longer wheelbase. This means even the shorter model has the ability to fit 8×4 sheets into the cargo area or three euro pallets. It also features a 510mm x 222mm CargoPlus option which fits under the passengers seat allowing a “pass through” facility for items such as pipes etc. This extended the long wheelbase load length to 4150mm.

Fiat Talento load heights

There are two roof heights on the Fiat Talento and these offer either a 1387mm internal roof height or 1898mm. The load height from the ground to the rear cargo floor is 552mm.

Fiat Talento Door Sizes

The side load doors of the Fiat Talento measure 1030mm at its widest point and reduce to 970mm at its narrowest due to the bulkhead intrusion and door shape. The height is consistently 1284mm. The rear doors are 1391mm wide and 1320mm height for the standard roof and 1820mm on the high roof.

Fiat Talento

Dimension Overview

There are two wheelbases, two roof heights and two load lengths. The cargo area volumes range from the low roof short wheelbase at 5.2 cubic metres to 8.6 cubic metre for the high roof and long wheelbase. The maximum internal width is 1662mm to 1268mm in between the wheel arches, allowing for both euro and metric pallets to be loaded lengthways.

Overall Dimensions

The short wheelbase is 4999mm is long overall and the longer wheelbase 5399mm. The overall height varies with the low roof at 1971mm to 2495mm for the high roof. As far as the width is concerned, the Fiat Talento is 2283mm wide including the mirrors and 1956mm without.

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