Vauxhall Combo Dimensions

The Vauxhall Combo is the smallest van model in the Vauxhall range and has been one of the best selling vans in the sector for the last 12 – 18 months. In this feature we look at the key dimensions of the Vauxhall Combo to help you choose the right vehicle for your job.

Vauxhall Combo load length

There are two wheelbases 2785mm (L1) and 2975mm (L2) and these offer two different load lengths of 1527-1817mm and 1877-2167mm dependent on how far up the bulkhead you measure. The Vauxhall Combo also has a handy load through”facility which extends the “loadability” to 3090mm on the L1 and 3440mm on the L2.

Vauxhall Combo Dimensions
Vauxhall Combo Dimensions

Combo load height

The internal load height of the L1 is 1236mm and the L2 is slightly higher at 1243mm. As far as the loading height is concerned, which is measured between the ground and the load area floor, this is 548mm when loaded and 610mm when empty.

Combo Door Sizes

The rear doors have a maximum width of 1241mm and height of 1196mm. The side load doors have a maximum width of 675mm and height of 1072mm.

Vauxhall Combo Dimensions
Vauxhall Combo Dimensions

Vauxhall Combo dimensions overview

The L1 panel van has a total load volume of 3.3 cubic metres and with the load through area this increases to 3.8 cubic metres. The L2 wheelbase has 3.9 cubic metres and 4.4 cubic metres with the load through.

The maximum width inside the load area varies between 1527mm to 1630mm and the width in between the wheel arches is 1229mm. This means the Vauxhall Combo can take either a metric or Euro pallet between the wheel arches.

Vauxhall Combo overall dimensions

The overall length of the Vauxhall Combo L1 is 2785mm, its 1848mm wide without mirrors and 2107mm with mirrors, finally the L1 height varies between 1796-1860mm dependent on the weight carried.

The L2 has the same width as the L1 but is 2975mm long and the height varies between 1812-1860mm, again based on the weight carried.

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